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Shooting Threat at Lyman Hall

Nearly half of the Lyman Hall student body was absent to school on Monday, January 8th. The school district increased school security for the remaining students by heightening police presence as a result of a circulated rumor that said a Wallingford gang had the school on a hit list and was going to conduct a shooting at the students that day. The school was not on a lockdown, and the police have conducted an investigation on the threat. Dale A Wilson, acting superintendent of the school district, said that many of the students who failed to show up to class did so because they or their parents were afraid for the students’ safety. Others, he felt, just used the rumor as an excuse to skip.


Dodd Tries for the Presidency

Senator Christopher Dodd has decided to join the race for the White House. On January 11th, he formally announced that he will be running for the presidency of the United States on a radio show. The senator, who spoke at Choate’s commencement this past June, will be competing against Senators Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and former VP nominee John Edwards for the Democratic nomination—the current favored candidates. Senator Dodd has been traveling around the country to key political states to seek advice and appeal. He plans to use his loyalty to his party and his numerous causes for which he has fought to capture the attention of diehard Democrats.


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